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What to do

Peloponnese is a peninsula in Southern Greece. It is connected to the central part of the country by the Isthmus of Corinth land bridge which separates the Gulf of Corinth from the Saronic Gulf. Peloponnese is a region with great archeological sites such as ancient Olympia and Epidaurus. This location has amazing natural beauty, unique castles, beautiful beaches and coasts. During the summer season, many tourists arrive in Peloponnese in order to combine holidays with culture. Western and Southern Peloponnese is, also, renowned for its high quality olive oil production. Last but not least, the region’s vineyards are contributing to Greece’s wine reputation.

Activities in Peloponnese

If you love history Peloponnese is the place to be!

Monemvasia, Mani, Ancient Olympia, Epidavros and Ancient Mycynae are some of the destinations you can’t miss!


The beaches of Peloponnese are famous for their crystal water and the quiet relaxing atmosphere they offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend your day near to wonderful beaches such as Hinitsa beach and Ververonta beach in Porto Heli. 


Food and Dining

Peloponnese offers a lot of traditional taverns with various types of cusine where you can satisfy your culinary desires or you can visit Spetses island that is only 10 minutes ride from Porto Heli to enjoy a nice meal or a cool cocktail during the night.

  • Hinitsa tavern
  • Papadias
  • Orloff
  • Sioras
  • Tarsanas
  • Freud Oriental
  • On the Verandah
  • Pearl Rooftop
  • Bars & Nightlife

Hinitsa tavern

Hinitsa tavern (+30 27540 57245) A seafront Porto Heli’s tavern with traditional greek food. Try to visit it around sunset, best time to get a table before the place gets full with regulars.


Papadias (+30 27540 52342) One of the oldest greek traditional taverns in Porto Heli , it has opened his doors since 1958. Enjoy its homemade secret recipes cooked only with fresh ingredients.


Orloff (+30 22980 75255) This lovely restaurant is located right at the entrance of the Old Harbor of Spetses and has opened his doors as Orloff since 1991. It became the locals favorite with its marble cute outdoor tables that offer great view.


Sioras (+30 22980 73497) Located at the old port of Spetses, Sioras greek tavern and its friendly staff will satisfy tour requests.


Freud Oriental (+30 22980 74553) In a beautiful setting where Asian cuisine meet the greek culture , you can enjoy all these Eastern-inspired dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the signature “Avocado rolls” dish.

Freud Oriental

Freud Oriental (+30 22980 74553) In a beautiful setting where Asian cuisine meet the greek culture , you can enjoy all these Eastern-inspired dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the signature “Avocado rolls” dish.

On the Verandah

On the Verandah(+30 6957507267) If you wish to taste contemporary cuisine with local fresh ingredients, you should definitely visit the Poseidonion Grand Hotel of Spetses that is the hot spot of the whole island due to its amazing balcony(in greek means Veranda)

Pearl Rooftop

Pearl Rooftop (+30 27540 98500) The right place to enjoy amazing sushi and unique cocktails inside Nikki Beach Hotel, where you can also enjoy your morning coffee around the pool area.

Bars & Nightlife

If you wish to enjoy a nice cocktail you can visit the beachfront Café da Luz(+30 2754029700) in Porto Heli or the Old Cafe(+30 2754052422), otherwise you must visit Spetses island famous for its nightlife, especially Guzel club(+30 697 911 2333) and Stavento club(+30 2298075245) where the party lasts till the first morning hours.

Villa Cordelia
Villa Miranda
Villa Melina

This villa represents one of the best examples of modern architecture artfully adjusted in the natural environment. The building, the furniture, the decoration and...

Villa Magnolia
Villa Peony

On the tip of a private peninsula in Porto Heli of Hopelessness, this amazing 7000 sqm villa boasts unique location, comfort & aesthetics; Enjoy your ouzo...

Villa Yasmine
Villa Diantha

Enjoy the opportunity offered for privacy and tranquillity in that large villa in Porto Heli!


Getting There

By Car

By Helicopter

By Ferry

2.5 hour drive from Athens

Porto Heli is a 2.5 hour drive from Athens

30 min from Athens

Porto Heli can be reached by helicopter, a scenic 30min flight over ArgoSaronic Gulf.

2 hours from Athens

Porto Heli can be reached in 2 hrs via ferry from Port of Pireaus.