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What to do

Although Syros belongs to the Cyclades islands, its architecture is more Medieval than Cycladic.

Different cultures and influences create the character of the island all these years that is shown to the travelers easily with its colorful alleys, historical churches and stunning public buildings that are also proof of this past glory such as, the City Hall, the Customs Office, the Aquarium in Kini village, the Mausoleum of Agios Georgios, the famous “Apollo” theatre. The last one was created in 1864 on Vardaka square in the heart of the town by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo.

In the 6th century B.C. the important physician and philosopher Pherecydis was born in Syros and some years later he went to Samos and became the teacher of Pythagoras. Pherecydis invented the first sundial and two caves of Syros are named after him. Syros became part of Greece in 1830, along with the other Cycladic islands. Arts and cultural expression were very important in the everyday life on the island.

Activities in Syros


Syros has many beaches, most of them yet unspoiled. Worth to visit and take pictures while relaxing are Agathopes beach, Agios Nikolaos/Asteria beach, Fabrica and Kini beach. From Kini, visitors can hire a boat to the secluded beaches of the island and the nearby islets. It is perfectly organized and you will have a big variety of traditional restaurants to choose for lunch.. Just rent a car and explore the island! Visit also Kini, Galisas and the beach Agathopa to play beach volley and even participate in the tournaments that are organized during the summer period. In Poseidonia and Galisas windsurfers and kite surfers will absolutely love the waves!


The countryside of Syros island is great for cycling. There are a couple of bicycle rentals on the island, from where you can rent a bicycle and explore the beaches and villages.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Voulgari beach is the base for Wind Surfing rentals – both body surfing boards and surf boards are available all summer

Food and Dining

  • Allou Yiallou Restaurant
  • Oneiro Restaurant

Allou Yiallou Restaurant

Allou Yiallou Restaurant (+30 22810 71196): Set in a large courtyard on the seafront, this restaurant serves Greek cuisine. From perfectly fried shrimp to hearty salads to lamb in the roaster with honey and thyme to fresh fish, everything is well-cooked, and the food styling is modern. Homemade desserts, extensive wine list, three kinds of handmade bread daily and a selection of award-winning oils to accompany them.

Oneiro Restaurant

Oneiro Restaurant (+30 22810 79416): Open all year round, located in a nice setting opposite Apollo Theater ; restaurant focuses on Greek cuisine using local ingredients. Excellent variety of Cycladic cheeses, wines and beers.

Villa Veronica
Villa Veronica in Syros island can accommodate 16 guests in 8 spacious bedrooms.
Villa Poema II
Villa Poema II a brand new property with easy access to two popular beaches. Centrally located only a few minutes away from Poseidonia village.
Villa Iphigenia
Positioned on the south-eastern part of Syros, villa Iphigenia is offering a one-of-a-kind summer experience built right above a beautiful pebble cove.
Villa Pelagia
Villa Pelagia is a beachfront villa built on three levels. It can accommodate 10 guests in 5 bedrooms.
Villa Persa
Villa Persa is a beachfront villa built on three levels. It can accommodate 10 guests in 5 bedrooms.
Villa Naomi
Villa Naomi is a waterfront house built on a secluded area. Highlight of this enormous house is the panoramic views!
Villa Poema I
Poema I is a luxurious, brand new villa, also beachfront, located next to the village of Poseidonia.

Getting There

By Plane

By Ferry

By Helicopter

20 mins from Athens
2 hours from Athens
30 mins from Athens