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What to do

Serifos is a unique, less discovered island part of the western Cyclades, with an authentically relaxing holiday atmosphere. According to Greek mythology Ylussus stopped here on his way to Ithaca and faced Cyclop Polyphemus. Serifos was also supposed to be home to hero Perseus who cut off the head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Serifos is a very interesting island morphologically with numerous sandy beaches and a beautiful capital perched on the top of a steep hill. The rocky coastline is deeply indented with an alteration of coves and bays. Serifos is a typical Cycladic island with white villages, quiet harbors, golden beaches, bare hills and beautiful landscapes. The island has a unique atmosphere, it is ideal for a relaxed holiday. The mild tourism growth has not affected the island’s nature and traditional features.

Activities in Serifos

Snorkeling and scuba diving

The beaches are uncrowded and very clean and the snorkeling is excellent; discover the rocks in the sheltered coves and bays that contain many of the beaches.

Sea Kayak / Paddling

Deep blue waters along a scenic coast full of caves, wild rock gardens and sandy beaches, make paddling a truly unforgettable experience!
There are frequent stopovers for resting, swimming, snorkeling, exploring old-mines and enjoying a light lunch. Ideal activity for families and children !

Walking and trekking

You might be surprised, but Serifos is a walker’s island with a mountainous terrain that provides a number of challenging, organized paths which have been created and maintained through time, thus resulting in unique walking experiences.

Mountain bike

Let our concierge team organize for you guided biking tours and follow these paths that islanders have used for centuries. Let your eyes capture the unforgettable sea and mountain views that await you around every step; your final destination is the yard of a monastery, or a lonesome bay where you can dive in crystal clear waters.

Food and Dining

Once in Serifos, wonder through the paved scenic whitewashed streets of Hora, the main town of the island and discover the restaurants serving authentic Greek cuisine and local delicacies. The island is famous for its almond sweets, the local wine (tastes like sherry), honey and cheese.

  • Metalleio Restaurant
  • Manolis Taverna
  • Grab A Drink

Metalleio Restaurant

Metalleio Restaurant (+30 22810 51755) excitingly creative med cuisine is served in this interesting dining spot which at midnight transforms itself into a music club;

Manolis Taverna

Manolis Taverna (+30 22810 52353) in Psili Ammo beach, right on the water edge, serves local specialties and food cooked in the traditional woodfire oven. Ideal for a relaxing meal with children.

Grab A Drink

Have a relaxing drink while watching all the action at the Yacht Club in Hora, the oldest and most popular bar in Serifos, situated in a beautiful square; when the DJ is in high spirits you can dance the whole night away.

Don’t leave without spending an evening at Aerino Bar in Hora, serving amazing cocktails that attract always high profile visitors. Soft music (Latin, fusion, lounge) and a terrace with Aegean views will capture your senses.

Villa Iris
Tucked in the hills of Serifos. An elegant villa can offer privacy and tranquility. Very close to Kalo Ampeli beach where you can find yourself swimming alone even in...
Villa Jemma
Villa Jemma on the island of Serifos is an elegant and comfortable stone house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms!
Villa Kendall
Villa Kendall  is a beautiful and cozy house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms near Rammos village.
Villa Margot
An eco-friendly villa located just 7 minutes away from the port. Peaceful scenery, in a traditional setting!
Villa Romina
Villa Romina is an elegant and stone-built house with a large swimming pool.

Getting There

By Ferry

By Helicopter

3.5 hours from Athens

During the summer months Serifos is connected daily by ferry from the main Athens ports (Piraeus and Rafina). Modern high-speed catamarans offering several classes of service are operated by Hellenic Seaways ( and are twice as fast, if you wish to travel by boat. The duration of the trip by high-speed ferries is about three hours. The island is also connected by boat to many islands of the Cyclades: Paros, Mykonos and Naxos.

35 min from Athens

Serifos is just a 35 min helicopter ride from Athens – easily accessible even for the most demanding travelers.