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What to do

Tinos is the Holiest island in Greece and the vast majority of tourists are Greek Orthodox pilgrims coming to see the Church of the Evagelistria and the miracle working icon of the Virgin Mary (Panagia).
To our eyes, the holiness of Tinos does not begin and end with the Hora (Tinos town) and its adored Church.
Tinos is famous for its villages which are considered to be the model of the Cycladic architecture featuring picturesque arches, streets paved with flagstones and yards full of blooming flowers, small and large churches and fountains of clear running water from underground springs. Most of these villages have been declared traditional and are protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
The rural areas of Tinos have managed to stay almost unaffected by external influences until today. Visitors are given the opportunity to walk through cobbled roads and paths, enjoying the rocky surroundings of the Tinian hinterland, lined with dry stone walls, made by brilliant builders, who managed to make them merge with the environment. They will also have the chance to marvel up close the remote dove-cotes, “embroidered” with unique expertise by stone-carvers, as well as the country cottages and chapels with the artistic bell-towers and the green ravines that embellish the peaceful scenery.

Activities in Tinos


Tinos is a walker’s paradise: 10 amazing historical footpaths covering more than 60 kilometers which connect most of the villages and several of the beaches. The paths are marked with numbers and there are signposts at intersections which tell you which way to go and how long it should take you to get there.

Arts and Culture

Tinos Festival (previously called Exomvourgo Festival) is also held annually during the months of July, August and September and includes many events in many different villages and Hora. Events include art exhibitions, concerts of contemporary and classical music, theater plays and many more events.


About 12km north of Hora on the north coast is emerald Kolymvythra Bay, where Tinos Surf Lessons takes advantage of the breaks at two excellent sandy beaches. It offers surf tuition, plus rentals of surfboards, bodyboards, kayaks and canoes.

Food and Dining

  • Thalassaki Taverna
  • Marathia Taverna

Thalassaki Taverna

Thalassaki Taverna +30 22830 31366: Αn award winning restaurant at Ysternia Beach on the water edge, serves imaginative fish dishes, spaghetti with clams, grilled octapus with honey and other traditional Cycladic specialties.

Marathia Taverna

Marathia Taverna +30 22830 23249: On the beach of Agios Fokas, you can taste grilled fish and homemade dishes cooked with local ingredients ; worth a visit

Villa Aigle

A 6 bedroom elegant villa in the northern part of Tinos, with unique outdoor areas!

Villa Lydia
Villa Patricia
Villa Erika
Villa Marietta

Villa Marietta is built on three acres of land with stunning views of Mykonos, Delos, Syros and many miles of sapphire seas. There’s room for a total of 18...


Getting There

By Ferry

By Helicopter

2 hours from Greek Mainland
30 mins from Athens