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The dedicated Bright Blue Villas concierge teams provide our clients with insider travel tips and natural, unforced opportunities for experiential travel, encompassing everything from sports adventures to gastro-getaways and magical once-in-a-lifetime moments that money can’t easily buy. We have numerous ideas and suggestions on how to enjoy a multi themed holiday experience that will focus on satisfying your quest for new horizons, for authentic learning and for socially conscious travel.


Transportation & Logistics

Boat and helicopter transfers, auto rental, airport transfers, yacht and catamaran hiring as well as guided tours can be arranged on request.


Staff recruitment and Services

Babysitting services, children activities, kids parties and cakes for special occasions, beauty services, fitness instructors, courier services, chefs and cooks, housekeeping services, gastronomy and wine tastings, spouse itineraries, restaurant and nightlife recommendations, you name it and we will make it happen. Let us tailor your stay to your aspirations!



Let us bring you a step closer to Greece’s exceptional culture, ancient history and people. Historic towns, museums, art centers and archeological sites welcome you for a journey through time. While staying in Mykonos, take a day trip to Delos, the cradle of Aegean civilizations guided by a local historian. Step back in time and follow the archeologists in Santorini for a day of excavations in one of the island’s top ancient sites.


Happy Children!

We strongly believe that summer holidays are a sacred time for our young travelers and should be filled with once-in-a-lifetime memories and lots of fun. Greek mythology becomes alive, while they explore the rich remains of the Cycladic history, taking the opportunity to become an archeologist for a day!

For the more energetic young athletes, a number of water sports clubs are available in all islands, offering plenty of opportunities for endless fun. Let your young ones spend their day water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing or windsurfing in the bright blue waters. Last but not least, we would be happy to provide you with children-friendly restaurant recommendations in the island of your choice. Who says that fine dining can’t be part of your family summer holidays?


Sports & Activities

Windsurfing and kitesurfing: For those who love the adrenalin-charge, there are a number of extreme water sports adventures that will lift your spirit high. There are plenty of kitesurfing and windsurfing schools available in Paros, Mykonos and Antiparos as the northern winds there create the most favorable conditions to enjoy these sports.

Scuba diving and snorkeling: For the most curious souls wondering what is hidden beneath the surface we propose snorkeling and scuba diving. Uncover the gems within the sheltered coves, the bays and remote beaches. When in Santorini, dive in and explore the volcanic seabed. We would be happy to recommend the best diving schools in your destination and arrange lessons for you and your loved ones.

Sailing: While in Greece, we highly recommend that you rent a small yacht or a sail boat! There is no better way to explore the lacy coastline of the islands and swim in secluded white sandy beaches that are not accessible otherwise! The northern Aegean winds in August create the perfect conditions for even the most fanatic sailing addicts with several races organized in the Cyclades!

Water-skiing: Well protected bays and crystal clear waters invite water skiers for non-stop action. Most islands feature dedicated water skiing schools that offer private lessons and competitive courses for children and adults.

Walking and Trekking: You might be surprised, but most Greek islands are a walker’s paradise with interesting terrains and challenging, organized trekking paths. Let our concierge team organize for you guided walking tours through paths that islanders have used for centuries.

Cycling: What about cycling your way to the beach? The diverse islands’ terrains offer wonderful opportunities for short or long cycling tours through the most magnificent landscapes!

Long distance swimming: Have you ever thought what it would be like to swim between the islands of the Aegean sea? If long distance swimming is something that appeals to you this is your chance to accept the challenge


Gastronomy and Wines

Follow your gastronomic passion, taste some of the islands’ culinary specialties and attend Greek cooking master classes hosted by top local chefs creating mouthwatering recipes with the freshest local ingredients. Visit state of the art boutique wineries and taste Greek sun-soaked wines that are well known for their delicate honeysuckle aromas and their crisp, mineral finish.

It comes as no surprise that the word gastronomy, meaning “the art of high cuisine targeting taste and visual enjoyment” derives from the Greek word GASTRONOMIA.


Culture and Arts

Pottery: The Greek islands have been considered to be the starting-point for the development and evolution of pottery-making, a true heritage that still survives to the day. The rich deposits of clay, the sun-kissed sky and abounding water provide the perfect environment for such an art to grow and be formed by skillful hands and creative minds. Let us arrange for you a visit to the workshops and pottery lessons that will wake your creativity and ease your mind.

Arts and painting: There is no place like the Greek landscapes to inspire the artist in you, so dare to combine art and travel by joining a local art workshop and learn how to draw and paint in an open landscape. You will be impressed by how quickly you can develop fresh ways of seeing, sensing and capturing the remarkable beauty of the Aegean.

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