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What to do

Santorini, A mythical island: essentially what remained after an enormous volcanic eruption that created a giant, central, rectangular lagoon with high, steep cliffs on three sides and the current geological caldera (volcanic crater).

Easily accessible via direct flights from several European cities; London, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Dublin, and many more.

Our Bright Blue Santorini villas perched along the top of the demi cliffs will make you feel like you live in a unique place on earth.

The main island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea .The capital Fira, with its whitewashed cubic houses with their vertiginous terraces –now home to fabulous restaurants and cafes, clings to the top of the cliff looking down on the lagoon. The white clusters of the town of Oia sitting on the rim of the island’s circling cliffs, will thrill you with one of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets.

Activities in Santorini

Sailing/ Catamarans

Sail around the magnificent caldera in brand new catamarans, ideal for a romantic sea escape, a family educational sea experience and you will be surrounded by the breathtaking Santorinean landscape You can hire it for a half day cruise or just for a short tour to admire the spectacular sunset.

Water sports

Jet ski lovers get ready for organized jet ski safaris around the island. Start your adventure from Perivolos or Perissa and master the waves till you reach White and Red beach, the volcanoes and the islands of the caldera. If you like the adrenalin change, you can try para-gliding using the special parasailing boat, private water ski or wakeboard lessons.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving afficionados can really appreciate the unique experience of the underwater Santorini world. There is an amazing distinctiveness of the bottom of this sea: the volcanic stones and the bottomless depth of the caldera. Let us organize for you private lessons at PADI accredited diving centers throughout the island. A great experience for adults but also for children that wish to discover the SeaWorld’s secrets!

History and Culture

Santorini is known as the “Greek Pompeii” and claims the title of “The Lost Atlantis” since the archaeological site of ancient Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan city was discovered in 1967.

Travelling with children? Don’t miss an educational visit to this site, which re-opened in April 2012, after being buried under the grey volcanic ashes for some 3,000 years; in fact a whole intact ancient city is still waiting to be unearthed.

Visit the volcano! Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island and created the current geological caldera. Walk on the edge of the biggest crater called Daphne; you will be impressed with the colorful rocks and their formations.

Book your private or group boat cruise and enjoy the unique opportunity to see the awesome volcano from up close, dive in the hot springs, swim in the deep green waters and enjoy a barbeque or picnic at the island’s most secluded parts.


Climbing Santorini is a climber’s paradise. The steep cliffs raising 300m above the caldera offer challenging climbing paths that have attracted even the most famous and experienced world climbers.

Walking don’t leave Santorini without walking at least once the amazing path from Fira to Oia – total time about 2 hours ! Only in this way will you have experienced the absolute grandeur of the beauty of this unique island. Make sure you set off early in the morning to avoid the big heat, or in the evening so that you reach Oia in time for the sunset.

Photography Tour Get to know Santorini with the guidance of an experienced photographer/ guide, following a wide variety of itineraries. You will improve your skills in photography, capture the Aegean beauty through your camera and come back with an authentic photo album full of unforgettable experiences.

Food and Dining

  • Selene Restaurant
  • 1800 Restaurant
  • Restaurant Ambrosia

Selene Restaurant

Selene Restaurant (+30 22860 22249) is now probably the best restaurant in the Cyclades, offering elegant settings and service and an extensive Greek wine list. With a deep love for island cuisine and local ingredients, Selene is located in Pyrgos, which is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of Santorini built around a medieval castle. In the summer, owner George Hatziyianakis and his chefs give daylong cooking classes. Reservations are highly recommended.

1800 Restaurant

1800 Restaurant (+30 22860 71800) One of the Cyclades most famous restaurants, 1800 located in Oia, is a magnificently restored old captain’s house; original colors and furnishings, including antique sofas, wooden travel chests, and a hand-painted Venetian bed create a very romantic dinner ambiance. The eclectic menu offers a blend of Greek fusion and molecular cuisine and will appeal especially to the most adventurous palates. A superlative roof terrace offers breathtaking views of Oia most-spectacular church cupolas and the famous sunsets.

Restaurant Ambrosia

Restaurant Ambrosia (+30 22860 71413) The balcony of this restaurant in Oia looks out onto the caldera’s edge and offers contemporary adventurous Mediterranean cuisine. With only a dozen tables on the two terraces, it makes for one the most intimate candle lit meals on the island. Its nearby sister Ambrosia & Nectar is less formal and easier to get a table.

Villa Bellevue
A restored wine factory of the 15th century now turned into a minimal loft-design villa, offering multiple accommodation combinations.
Villa Ramona
A luxurious villa in Santorini. A two bedroom villa with a private swimming pool, a private gym and uninterrupted views.
Villa Sapphire
Villa Sapphire, a whitewashed house, located in Firostefani village with access by foot. A 3 bedroom villa ideal for families and friends.
Villa Eolos
Villa Eolos is located in the picturesque village of Megalochori. Peaceful but also close to the main cosmopolitan  town Fira.
Villa Nadine
Villa Nadine in Santrorini offer stunning views of the caldera and the volcano!
Villa Grace
Villa Grace can accommodate 4 guests in 2 suites. It offers an experience as extraordinary as its unrivaled location.
Villa Anastasia
Villa Anastasia in Imerovigli with outstanding caldera views can accomodate 4 guests in 2 spacious bedrooms.
Villa Kendra
Villa Kendra, a historical mansion of rare aesthetics and architecture, sits graciously on the tip of the Caldera.
Infinity sea view pool
Villa Cybele
Perched on the cliff of Firostefani, a rarely spacious 2 bedroom villa in Santorini combines luxury and great architecture.
Villa Elizabeth
Villa Elizabeth, offers exclusive and completely undisturbed privacy. Located in Oia, the main town and can accommodate 6 guests.
Villa Aphrodite
Looking straight into the sunset from the highest point of Oia, above the castle, the view from this villa just takes your breath away.
Villa Aquazure
Looking straight into the deep blue of the caldera and the volcano, this villa invites you to fall in love with it all.
Villa Eros
Villa Eros, located in Caldera, overseeing the endless blue sea! Stunning location, also offering privacy!
Villa Evridiki
This historic mansion, originally, home of a local  wine merchant, is situated on a hill top overlooking the vineyards and quant village, of Megalochori.

Getting There

By Plane

By Ferry

By Helicopter

35 min from Athens

Direct flights from several European cities:
London (British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair, Jet2)
Geneva (Swiss, EasyJet)
Paris (Transavia, Vueling)
Amsterdam (EasyJet, Transavia, TUI)
Venice (Volotea)
Dublin (Ryanair, Air Lingus)
and many more.
There are several daily flights from Athens to Santorini with Aegean Airlines; flight lasts 35 minutes.

4.5 hours from Athens

Santorini is easily accessible by ferries leaving Athens ports (Pireaus and Rafina), especially in the summer when ferry companies add to their scheduled journeys; the trip lasts around 5.5 hours. Modern high-speed catamarans offering several classes of service are operated by Hellenic Seaways ( and Sea Jets ( and are twice as fast if you wish to travel by boat. You can also reach Santorini via other Greek islands if you want to island-hop.

45 min from Athens

The helicopter ride from Athens to Santorini lasts around 45 minutes and makes the island easily accessible to the most demanding travelers.