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Our company philosophy is based on building very close relationships with the owners of the fabulous villas we feature on our website.

We consider the owners as our real partners in what we believe is a different offering in terms of quality and service and our cooperation is based on mutual trust and professionalism. The newly passed legislation empowers property owners to offer their villas through a clear legal process that makes their valuable asset easily and efficiently marketable.

Our guests are well heeled international travelers who embrace consciously the concept of staying at “a home away from home “. They are looking for new types of immersive, themed experiences that focus on satisfying the quest for new horizons, for learning and for socially conscious travel. We strongly urge our guests to respect the villa and its premises throughout their stay, in every possible aspect.

In a similar way, we set high quality standards and exclusive features when we decide to add a property in our portfolio and we inspect regularly all of our villas before recommending them to clients. If you believe that your property fits our mentality and offering, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected] and arrange for a member of our team to visit you and discuss a potential cooperation of how to better utilize your villa.