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Villa Collection

Villa Danae

Crete - Price available on request
Inhabit your private waterfront paradise, overlooking the legendary island of Spinalonga and the endless blue sea, giving you the opportunity to...
4 Bedrooms
Beach life

Villa Carolina

Crete - Price available on request
The villa is located in one of the most spectacular places of Greece and is endowed with a panoramic view primarily of the picturesque town of...
5 Bedrooms
Beach life
Family friendly

Villa Ophelia

Crete - Price available on request
A 6 bedroom beachfront villa in Crete (Elounda) with an infinity swimming pool, a tennis court and spectacular sea views!
8 Bedrooms
Beach life
Family friendly


Crete is the largest Greek island, and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mythology has it that it was in a cave of Crete where the goddess Rhea hid the new-born Zeus. It was also in Crete that Zeus, disguised as a bull, run away with Europa to celebrate their love together.

Their union produced a son, Minos, who ruled Crete and turned it into an important island empire of the seas.  In Minoan times, even Attica paid a tribute tax to Crete, until Theseus, the Athenian prince, killed the Minotaur.

The truth behind the myth lays on the existence of a powerful and wealthy kingdom and of a civilization that is considered to be the most ancient on the entire European continent.

In 1450 BC and again in 1400 BC the eruption of the volcano of Thera destroyed the Minoan Civilization. An incident that devastated the Minoan civilization and eventually led to its decline.

Crete is a uniquely diverse island: You can admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, fertile valleys and steep gorges, and savour the island’s rich gastronomic culture.

Crete is, after all, a small universe full of beauties and treasures that you will probably need more than just one holiday to discover!