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Aegina in Greece is a beautiful island only an hour away from Athens by ferry. Just south of the hectic port of Piraeus, Aegina still feels like a whole new world.

According to the myth, the island took its name from a nymph, daughter of the river god Asopos, as Zeus fell in love with her and settle with her on the island! From 11/1/1827 until 3/10/1829 Aegina town was the temporary capital of the newly founded Greek state.

It was during that period when Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias had impressive neoclassical mansions built to house his headquarters that today function as important tourist attractions.

Aegina features nice family beaches, seaside villages and interesting archaeological sites to visit. A simple drive around the island will give you an idea of the fantastic places you may encounter on the way such as the Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia, the ghost village of Paleochora with the innumerable churches, the seaside villages of Vagia and Perdika as well as so many other places and secrets waiting for you to unravel.

Aegina is famous around the world for its pistachios that come in all tastes, salty, sweet or mellow.